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The Podcast Studio is a full service audio production shop in downtown San Francisco. Our studio is run by professionals with decades of experience in both traditional broadcast radio and in podcasting. We have several professional-quality studios complete with the full package of recording and broadcast equipment. Whether your project is a podcast, an audio book, recording content for your app, or a radio production, we've got you covered. We can help you plan, record, edit, launch, and market your production at the highest level. Let us know what you need. We're here to help!



Studio Time/EDITING

If you're looking for a professional quality broadcast studio in which to capture your sound, look no further. Hourly and monthly rates are available, and we have all the capacity you need. Whether you simply need studio space or full-service editing and production towards your final product, our friendly engineering staff is available to keep you in production and out of the weeds.


Want to learn how to record a podcast from home? Always wondered how best to market your show, what gear to buy, or where to get your intro music? We've got the answers! Book a class today and get ready to launch your show!  

Full Service Launch

Would you rather hand off the entire production process to a team of experienced professionals? We can manage everything from the design and planning phase, right through production and launch. Contact us for an estimate.

Working at the studio took my podcast to a whole new level of quality, professionalism and fun. It’s a great space, conveniently located. I highly recommend it.
— Joui T.
“Loved recording here. Stepping into the studio felt like stepping into my happy place. I was blown away by the spaciousness of the room, the crispness of the sound, the quality of the equipment, and the overall good vibes. I only wished I could’ve stayed longer!
— Erica G.
It’s really fun to be in a space with so many audio professionals, and then the studio itself is gorgeous.
— Emily D.